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October 10, 2020

Stress Release - The Game Changer Queen

Stress Release

Stress Release by Denise Oatley Hall – The Game Changer Queen

As a board-certified clinical hypnotist based in Tampa, I have helped many people with anxiety and stress over my 17 years of practice.

In these uncertain times, we can all use some tools to help us cope. Did you know that studies have shown that facing uncertainty is often scarier than facing physical pain?

It is our “fight or flight” reaction to threat that leads to worry, which in turn leads to anxiety.

For many of us who have never experienced events that have an enormous impact on everyday lives, these are unprecedented times. Some people may already suffer with low-level anxiety and have found their symptoms have ramped up recently; others might be feeling new physical and psychological strains for the first time.

The lack of answers to questions raised by the current uncertainty can lead to frustration, anger and aggression. Awareness is the key. It is our superpower.

Here are some tips to help you deal with the uncertainty and questions.

1. Be conscious of the “worry story” you tell yourself. When it starts to play, interrupt it, and tell yourself a new story that makes you feel powerful and good. Rule of thumb- if you are making up a story, make it a helpful one.

2. Focus on breathing - take long, slow breaths. Even doing this for 5 minutes will change your state of mind and emotion.

3. Take 15 minutes out of your day to focus on yourself. It’s all about relaxing your mind, deflecting the negative thoughts, and replacing them with calm, positive ones.

4. Accept the uncertainty - and allow yourself to stop the struggle against it.

After spending years helping people to cope with and reduce their anxiety, I know the techniques I teach my clients, whatever the trigger for their condition, can also be applied successfully in this current environment.

Because of that, I offer a free Stress Release recording on my website. I’d encourage anyone who is feeling stressed or anxious, whether they are directly affected by Coronavirus or are just generally worried about events in our world, to download my session and see if it helps.

If I can help ease that stress in just a small way, I believe it’s worthwhile trying.

To access Denise’s download, visit and scroll to the bottom of the page.

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