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November 9, 2020

Self-Hypnosis to Change Your Habits

Have you ever done something over and over knowing it isn’t going to work?

You’re not alone. You see, your brain is running a program that was created long ago to either make you feel good or escape a problem…and that program is outdated!

It’s time to get a new program that matches your present goals!

You can do that with Self Hypnosis. It’s easy, natural and you already know how to do it. If you’ve ever daydreamed, zoned out, missed your exit on the highway, you’ve been in a state of hypnosis or trance. Hypnosis is a state where you are so highly focused; you bypass your conscious mind and tap into your powerful subconscious mind. That is where the change happens.

Tips for simple self-hypnosis. Do not practice while driving!

Everyone experiences hypnosis differently. You may feel like you are just resting with your eyes closed or you may feel deeply relaxed, either will work for practice. You are not unconscious. You will always be aware of your surroundings and be able to respond to an emergency.

  1. Sit in a comfortable chair. Do not lie down.
  2. Make sure you will not be disturbed.
  3. Set a mental time limit to emerge from hypnosis - five or ten minutes.
  4. Choose one thing you want to change and make it present tense. Example: Water is my favorite drink and I drink all my body desires; I sleep peacefully and soundly all through the night…something like that.
  5. Begin your hypnosis. Say the phrase you have chosen at least 3 times then close your eyes, take 3 slow, deep cleansing breaths, imagining breathing out stress, confusion, and fear and breathing in peace, clarity, and relaxation. Begin to let go.
  6. Imagine/pretend you are drifting/floating down a stairway with as many steps as you desire, doubling your relaxation with each step. When you get to the bottom just allow yourself to drift as you relax even more, and your subconscious mind makes the changes. When you are ready to become alert open your eyes and stretch your arms, breathe and notice how good you feel. Practice this often and look for the changes.

If you would like to learn more, I offer a Free 90-minute online course. If you have questions, contact me 813.679.1953 Private sessions are online or in person.

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