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September 28, 2020

Medicare supplements and Advantage Plans gone hyperbolic.

The amount of advertising for Medicare supplements and Advantage Plans has gone hyperbolic. You can’t sit down to watch your favorite TV show without Joe Namath talking to you about “New Medicare Benefits”, and call this number NOW! OR while sitting with your family the phone rings and there is a supposed Healthcare Advisor wanting to talk to you about your Benefits. You need to ask yourself the question “where will my new advisor or Joe Namath be when they put me on the wrong PLAN!”

Folks my name is Rich Rieger and I want to be your Insurance Guy! I live and work in the Pasco County area and own Trinity Insurance Consultants. I am a BROKER. That means I sell for many plans, not just the ones that I make more money with. I’ve been a Senior Leader in the Business Outsourcing Industry for the World’s largest data processing organization for over 30 years. In a business where you can’t make mistakes. I am trusted by hundreds of Christian Seniors to ensure they have the best fit plan for their needs. I want to earn your business. Call me Now!

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